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iVivity Releases Storage Networking Industry's First 10Gbps Intelligent Storage Processor

March 29, 2005

iVivity(R), a leading technology provider of storage networking technologies including intelligent storage processors, protocol stacks, software integration services and custom boards, today announced the availability of the iDiSX(R) 2000-10, a 10Gbps programmable intelligent storage processor chip. The iDiSX(R) 2000-10 is the industry's first specialized storage processor specially designed from the ground up for storage network systems. It allows system OEMs to build storage systems with up to 10Gbps wire speed performance and enterprise level functionality using industry standard components. The iDiSX(R) 2000-10 is currently available for OEMs and developers of Internet Protocol (IP) and multi-protocol storage systems, including switches, RAID controllers, appliances and storage blades.

"We are pleased to deliver a new standard of performance, programmability, functionality and integration to the storage networking market," said David Coombs, President and CEO of iVivity. "The iDiSX(R) 2000-10 easily addresses both IP storage and traditional Fiber Channel applications and benefits system vendors looking for competitive advantage at very little incremental cost."

"The iDiSX(R) 2000-10 delivers more performance -- full-duplex 10Gbps off both SPI-4 ports simultaneously -- than any other IP storage processor that is shipping or even announced," said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst of The Linley Group. "This feat positions iVivity as a technology leader and demonstrates that its architecture can support next-generation 10Gbps interfaces as well as offer advanced storage services to system designers."

"Early development partners including LSI Logic and Crossroads Systems have been very impressed with the performance, flexibility and reliability of the iDiSX(R) 2000-10," said Dave Guy, Vice President of Sales for iVivity. "We will soon announce additional customers who are currently sampling the chip."

"LSI Logic has been a strong supporter of iVivity and the iDiSX(R) development from its early stages," said Dave Jones, Vice President and General Manager, Storage and Computing Custom Solutions at LSI Logic. "We believe the iDiSX(R) is a very compelling advancement in the industry, enabling high performance storage solutions and solving many system design challenges faced in today's leading edge storage networking topologies and architectures. The architecture of iDiSX(R) provides for flexibility in a variety of system applications, while simplifying the R&D investment required for design integration."

"Crossroads and iVivity are collaborating on a number of innovative iSCSI products that will deliver significant advantages for our current and future customers," said Rob Sims, president and CEO of Crossroads Systems. "The iDiSX(R) 2000 storage network processor technology will provide Crossroads with a competitive edge in terms of performance, functionality and architecture."

About iDiSX(R) 2000-10
The iDiSX(R) 2000-10 provides two high performance bandwidth SPI4.2 data I/O interconnects for 10Gbps full Duplex Ethernet MACs, or for integrated multiple 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet MACs, and a high speed local bus PCI-X interface for storage controllers. It is designed with built in TCP/IP offload processing and supports greater than 40Gbps of internal bandwidth. It greatly reduces storage system complexities and simplifies OEM storage designs of iSCSI, Fiber Channel and multi-protocol, file level and block level storage appliances, intelligent switch implementations, high-end and mid-range RAID arrays, and intelligent host adapters and storage blades. iDiSX(R) 2000-10 implementation of hardware based Split Path Acceleration of Independent Datastreams (SPAID) provides a robust architecture for systems scalability and performance, and simplifies storage IO switching for rapid development of storage management services such as volume management, mirroring, advanced RAID, snapshot and replication on top of an IO management platform.

The iDiSX(R) 2000-10 is immediately available and is list priced at $895.00. iVivity will also develop and provide fully tested system or adapter boards around this chip in custom OEM form factor. Additional services include integration of custom or third-party software stacks including RAID and virtualization.