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BT Group Plc Selects Quallaby's PROVISO

June 14, 2004 - Lowell, MA

Quallaby Corporation, the technology leader in carrier-class performance management solutions, announced today that BT has selected PROVISO® as the network performance management component of their New Generation Operations Systems and Software (OSS). PROVISO will be deployed worldwide to consolidate BT’s performance management functions across multiple network technologies, including ATM, Frame Relay and IP services including MPLS and VPN. As part of BT’s 21st Century Networks (21CN) program, PROVISO will consolidate the performance management of multiple technologies into a single system, helping to reduce operating costs while making it more efficient for BT to develop and deploy new services.

PROVISO will collect performance data from network elements globally, consolidate the information into a central data mart, and provide historical reports and real-time monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Operations will benefit from a consolidated view that helps them rapidly understand and resolve problems. In addition to providing historical reports and real-time monitoring for use by BT’s operations and engineering staff, PROVISO’s reports will be incorporated into BT’s Virtual Business Centre (VBC), providing customers with on-demand visibility into quality of service.

The basis of the BT decision to select PROVISO was their desire to streamline their OSS. PROVISO’s data mart allowed BT to consolidate performance management functions into a single platform, allowing several stand-alone systems to be decommissioned. This simplifies standards-based integration into other OSS components and enables automated provisioning, increased accuracy and rapid creation of new services.

“PROVISO is the foundation of our Customer Network Reporting Strategy”, said Phill Radley, Customer Network Reporting Programme Manager of BT. “It’s flexibility allows us to react quickly to customer demand with high quality of service backed by the complete transparency needed to give our customers complete confidence in advanced service offerings. We plan a very quick ROI on our multi-million pound investment in PROVISO, through cost savings by consolidating deployed systems and importantly by customer acquisition and retention.”

“BT conducted a thorough evaluation of all commercially available performance management systems, and found PROVISO the only system that offers the scale and flexibility required to support one of the world’s most extensive set of networks.” said Greg Ferguson, Quallaby CEO. “Quallaby is pleased to have BT validate our strategy of applying data mart technology coupled with real-time reporting to facilitate the rapid deployment of differentiated services.”