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Seabridge Selects Azanda's Scimitar AZ61100

June 17, 2002 - Sunnyvale, CA, and HoD Hasharon, Isreael

Azanda Network Devices today announced that Seabridge, a Siemens Company, will develop multi-service access equipment using Azanda's recently announced Scimitar™ AZ61100 traffic management device. Seabridge will take advantage of the first-to-market traffic management features and functions of the Scimitar™ device in its Attane XpressPass™ next-generation IP/ATM platform. This agreement provides Azanda, an innovator in the development of silicon products for managing the way traffic is processed in network core, edge and enterprise markets, with a top-tier customer as one of its early implementers.

"Azanda was able to demonstrate an advanced feature set for our broadband IP/ATM multi-service access solutions in a single device, which minimized power and system footprint requirements and accelerated our development time," stated Eyal Assa, director of engineering for Seabridge Networks' Attane XpressPass™ next-generation program. "The combination of the device-configurable hard-wired traffic management algorithms with Azanda's advanced software capabilities dramatically reduces the software development effort involved in integrating Scimitar™ technology into our system."

The Scimitar™ AZ61100 integrated circuit is a full-duplex OC-48 traffic manager with an integrated segmentation and re-assembly (SAR) in a single-chip 40 mm x 40 mm Flip-Chip Ball Gate Array (FCBGA) device. Utilizing industry standard interfaces such as PL3 and SPI-4.2, the chip dissipates less than 5 watts of power at full line speed while servicing up to one million simultaneous traffic flows. These standard interfaces allow Seabridge to easily integrate the Scimitar™ AZ61100 traffic manager with other devices in the system while the deterministic nature of the Scimitar™ engine substantially reduces the software engineering efforts required to implement traffic management on their multi-service access equipment.

"I am very happy to be working with such a respected industry leader in the multi-service access market as Seabridge," notes Steve Dines, president and CEO of Azanda. "This further validates Azanda's value proposition of enabling quick time-to-market solutions utilizing best-in-kind, open architecture components."

The companies announced they would begin the collaborative effort immediately.

As accuracy is the single most critical factor in shaping network traffic, Azanda's Scimitar™ AZ61100 traffic manager performs per-flow support required for ultra-accurate (better than 100 ppm) shaping, policing, queuing, scheduling, and congestion management. It delivers OC-48 or 5 Gigabit Ethernet simplex line rate. The device also offers an onboard SAR device for conversion of ATM and IP traffic. Commercial production of Scimitar™ AZ61100 is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year. The Scimitar™ product family also includes the AZ61120, a reduced feature set device for lower-cost applications.