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IDC Validates Crossbeam Architecture

September 23, 2002 - Concord, MA

IDC, a leading provider of global IT research and advice, recently highlighted Crossbeam Systems®, Inc. in its report on new approaches for layering enterprise security. IDC analyst Charles Kolodgy profiled Crossbeam, a developer of high performance, data center-class appliances for non-stop security, as one of two vendors in the report, "Layered Security: How Crossbeam and Symantec Are Integrating Layered Security."

The Crossbeam X40™S is a single appliance that provides enterprises and service providers with a comprehensive security solution for a safer, simpler network. For Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies, it serves as the cornerstone of a network's "no fail" security system. Customers can equip their X40S to provide rugged security with the latest best-of-breed firewall, virtual private network (VPN), intrusion detection system (IDS) and anti-virus applications from a growing list of name-brand application partners, such as Check Point Software™ Technologies, Inc. and Enterasys Networks™.

According to Kolodgy, "From interviews and other discussions with users, it is clear that the majority of enterprises support the layered approach to security. We also believe that best-of-breed components are essential to their business." Kolodgy added, "With the rise of blended threats, there is an increasing need for integration between the individual security components in order to reduce the gaps possible with point products. IDC believes that Crossbeam will maintain an initial adopter advantage as the first comprehensive high-end appliance that integrates security at the hardware level. As a provider of bladed solutions, it can quickly add different solutions or vendor support."

The X40S runs these applications across 10 application processing module (APM) blades that can be "virtually" grouped together for extended processing power. The X40S' "Redundant Blade Architecture" utilizes Crossbeam's patent-pending load balancing technologies, allowing it to provide "five nines" high availability: should one of the APMs become inoperable, the X40S automatically assigns a spare APM or pulls one from a virtual group and moves the application to the new blade.

"By partnering with companies that offer best-of-breed security applications, we provide our customers with the most robust, non-stop security solution available today," said Peter George, president and CEO of Crossbeam Systems. "This IDC report further validates what our customers are demonstrating-that enterprise security professionals want the flexibility, ease of use and integrated security that Crossbeam provides."