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CNET Networks Acquires Newmediary

July 7, 2002

CNET Networks Acquires Leading Technology White Paper Web Site and IT Service Provider Directory

In-depth IT Content Adds Value for Core Audience; Directory Listing and Syndication Opportunities for Customers

CNET Networks, the leading source of information and services for buyers, sellers, and suppliers of technology, recently acquired Cambridge, MA-based Newmediary Inc., a leading supplier of enterprise services for the IT industry. 

As a result, CNET Networks will incorporate the world’s largest database of White Papers, which includes links to more than 30,000 Information Technology (IT)-focused White Papers, and the most comprehensive database of IT Service providers into its network of technology Web sites.  This will enable the company to enhance the depth of its content for its core audience of IT professionals and business decision makers who rely on comprehensive information and research to make strategic purchasing decisions. 

The acquisition of the White Paper database will also allow CNET Networks to offer marketing opportunities to vendors that rely on White Papers to sell complex and expensive technology products.  Additionally, CNET Networks plans to offer the database of White Papers for syndication by other major media companies, including Fortune Magazine, BusinessWeek, and other premier business and technology brands.

“The acquisition of Newmediary’s White Paper and IT provider databases are great examples of our goal to prudently develop or add products that best serve our core customer segments, in this case our IT professional audience and the vendors that market to them,” said Barry Briggs, President of US Media for CNET Networks.  “For IT professionals and business decision makers, million dollar purchases are based on a disciplined knowledge-gathering process.  White Papers are a key part of this process, and Newmediary has emerged as the directory of choice for those seeking the largest selection of authoritative White Papers.”

CNET Networks’ ZDNet, TechRepublic, and Web sites cater to the company’s IT professional and business buyer audiences, offering a broad range of relevant news, community interaction, analysis, downloads and commerce services.  The company will now contextually integrate White Papers into those sites, which users can download for free.  The entire White Paper database will also be integrated into CNET Networks’ popular and ZDNet Downloads Web sites.