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Our Philosophy

Hands-On Approach
Throughout each of our four funds, we have found that the venture capital business works more smoothly when we live and breathe a team-based, collaborative approach. While individual partners may champion their specific prospects, every member of the team contributes to investment decisions and to the process of building our portfolio companies. We recognize that companies face many obstacles in developing their businesses, and much of our time is focused on partnering with entrepreneurs to help them capitalize on their business opportunities. Entrepreneurs and co-investors appreciate our collaborative and straightforward style, reliability and responsiveness.

Joint Success
We seek joint success for our entrepreneurs and limited partners by building high-growth, market-leading technology companies. In achieving this goal, our most important job is being a constructive, patient partner in helping talented management teams succeed. Years of experience have taught us that such patience and persistence are a major factor in building successful high-growth technology companies. 

Accessible Service Providers
At Commonwealth Capital Ventures, our partners strive to be accessible and passionate service providers to our portfolio companies. We provide valuable support to our management teams in following areas:

  • Business strategy
  • Operations
  • Recruiting
  • Corporate development
  • Financing strategy
  • General problem solving

Importantly, however, we recognize that the portfolio company CEO and management team are ultimately running the business and as such, we strive to be members of the supporting cast.