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Evaluation Criteria

There are typically seven key areas that we assess when we evaluate a company:

Who is on your team and what have they done prior to your venture? What are the roles and responsibilities of your team members?What is your vision / mission? What is your product or service and how will it work?

3. Size and Nature of Market
What is the historic and projected market size of your industry? Are there any recent trends that may affect your business strategy?
4. Uniqueness / Competitiveness of Product or Service
What are competitors doing? How is your company differentiated? How will you gain / maintain market dominance? Do you have any patents? What are the barriers to entry in your market?
5. Business Model
What is your primary source for revenue? Is your business model sustainable? How will your company be paid for the value it creates?
6. Go-to-Market Strategy
How do you plan to approach your market? What kind of traction have you gained thus far? Who are some of your customers or target clients?
7. Financials / Investment Round Considerations
What does your historic and forecasted P&L look like? What does your current balance sheet look like? How many people work for your company? How much money are you looking to raise and how will your company use the funding being sought?


In your business plan or investor summary, please address these areas. If you have any questions or if you would like to submit your business plan, please call us at 781-890-5554.


1. Management Team

2. Business Opportunity